Kevin Garnett on Kyrie Irving stomping Celtics logo: ‘You can’t do that’

Former Celtics and Nets player Kevin Garnett
Chris Marion/NBAE via Getty Images

Kevin Garnett holds Kyrie Irving in low regard and reveres the Celtics.

So, Garnett was dismayed Irving didn’t receive more backlash for stomping on Boston’s logo after helping the Nets win Game 4 last night. (The news cycle focused on a fan throwing a water bottle at Irving.)

Garnett on Instagram:

What does Garnett want anyone to say or do that hasn’t been said or done? He’s so fiercely protective of the Celtics that he seems to have lost perspective here.

Irving put his foot on the logo of a basketball team. It’s not a Big Deal.

That said, if Boston fans want to boo Irving harder next time, cool. The back-and-forth of taunting and good-natured jeering can add to the fun of sports.

If the Celtics use the disrespect as fuel in Game 5, cool. They should summon motivation wherever they can find it

If Garnett wants to work himself up over this, even that is cool. Garnett – who frequently disrespected his opponents while playing, sometimes crossing the line – needn’t be consistent. He can resent Irving stomping Boston’s logo even if he (like most Celtics fans) would’ve loved a Boston player stomping Brooklyn’s logo. That’s how fandom works.

But we should realize, at least on some level, the inconsistency and not go overboard.

Irving stomping the logo wasn’t a pressing issue that required an immediate response from anyone.