Did Knicks fan spit on Hawks star Trae Young? (video)

Trae Young in Knicks-Hawks Game 2
Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

A Philadelphia fan dumped popcorn on an injured Russell Westbrook in the 76ers’ Game 2 win over the Wizards on Wednesday.

And that might not have been the worst fan behavior of the night.

In the Knicks’ Game 2 win over the Hawks, it appeared a New York fan might have spat on Trae Young.

Young retweeted the video, mostly laughing it off and noting 50 Cent sitting courtside (below the potential spitter):

Young instantly became a villain in New York after hitting the-winner and shushing the crowd in Game 1. Mayor Bill de Blasio even bashed Young. There’s room to boo and jeer a rival player in good fun.

But fans spitting on players is obviously completely unacceptable. Anyone who does should receive a long-term ban.