Donovan Mitchell, set to play Jazz-Grizzlies Game 2: ‘The biggest thing is moving forward’


Donovan Mitchell was “ready to go” and therefore “frustrated and upset” about the Jazz sitting him for their Game 1 loss to the Grizzlies due to an ankle injury yesterday.

But holding a grudge against the organization?

He says no, especially as Utah announces he’ll play Game 2 Wednesday.


Eric Walden of The Salt Lake Tribune:

Donovan Mitchell: “I was frustrated and upset. I was ready to go. I was ready to go. … The biggest thing is moving forward. We got [s***] to handle. I understand you’ve got questions to ask.”

Donovan Mitchell: “I was ready to go, the staff didn’t think I was ready. There was no setback. … The biggest thing was I felt like I should have played. At the end of the day, the experts said, ‘Nope.’ That was the frustration. I felt like I wasn’t there for my team.”

Donovan Mitchell, asked if he was shocked by the decision to hold him out: “You could use that word. I didn’t expect it. But I’m not a doctor. I’m not the expert. … I spoke to my guys, we’re good, we’re past it.”

Donovan said there was no big follow-up with team trainers or management today to hash things out: “They cleared me, and that was it. There was no big discussion. There’s no time for that — it’s the playoffs. … I was wanted to talk with the guys I go to bat with.”

If Mitchell distrusts the organization on health issues, there’s plenty of time to solve that disconnect. Everything about his approach suggests he’ll be fully committed to helping the Jazz win in the playoffs. He’ll begin a max contract extension this summer. This is the same person who got over his feud with Rudy Gobert.

By the time Mitchell is finished with this season, he could have a different perspective. The deeper Utah advances, the more this episode will become a distant memory.

Mitchell should help with that. The Jazz really missed his offensive creation in Game 1.