NBA free agency to open Monday, Aug. 2

2021 NBA free agents: Spurs guard Patty Mills and Clippers star Kawhi Leonard
Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA Finals are scheduled to end by July 22.

Then come the NBA’s main events: draft and free agency.

The draft is set for Thursday, July 29. Now, you can mark your calendars for free agency to officially open Monday, Aug. 2.


In reality, free agency will probably begin before Aug. 2. But after the Bogdan Bogdanovic fiasco, expect teams to keep a tighter lid on their tampering.

Aug. 2 will be the date you learn of plenty of big signings.

Though contracts can’t become official until Aug. 6, verbal agreements reached during the moratorium are usually treated as binding. Someone backing out is so rare, it causes a big fuss whenever it happens.

Aug. 2 is the key date.