Asked to name top five players he played with, Kevin Durant initially omits Russell Westbrook (video)


Most of the active NBA players who’ve won MVP are one-time teammates of Kevin Durant or Durant himself.*

Durant has had some incredible teammates with the Thunder, Warriors and Nets. His critics would say Durant left a good situation in Oklahoma City to create unfairly stacked super teams in Golden State and Brooklyn. But whatever the reason for Durant’s movement, he’s familiar with the league’s stars.

Asked on the “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast to name the top five players he ever played with, Durant said:

When the hosts pointed out Durant omitted Russell Westbrook, Durant quickly corrected himself:

I am tripping. Russ. Yeah, I’m tripping.

Yeah, I forgot about, Russ. Yeah, I did forget about Russ. Russ would definitely be top five. I forgot.

I was tripping.

I’m glad you called me out on that, because I’m tripping.

Durant put Westbrook No. 4 on his list, bumping Thompson to No. 5 and Ibaka off. So, it doesn’t sound as if Durant were deliberately slighting Westbrook even though the stars famously feuded.

But just forgetting Westbrook – with whom Durant spent eight seasons in Oklahoma City – isn’t so complimentary, either!

Really, this whole list is suspect. I can see putting Irving and Harden ahead of the more-deserving Curry, because Irving and Harden are his current teammates. But Irving over Harden? Thompson over Draymond Green? I guess Irving was Durant’s original partner in this Brooklyn project, and Durant does hold individual scoring skills in high regard.

*Durant, Curry, Westbrook and Harden. The exceptions: LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Derrick Rose.