Alex Rodriguez and Bradley Beal, connected with Mets sale, continuing mentor-mentee relationship

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez at Miami Heat-Los Angeles Lakers game
Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images

Wizards star Bradley Beal and Pistons center Mason Plumlee joined Alex Rodriguez’s bid to buy the New York Mets.

They didn’t get the franchise, which got sold to Steve Cohen.

But the Beal-Rodriguez relationship endures.

Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington:

Beal and Rodriguez were introduced by a mutual friend early in the Mets’ bidding process.

“Kids today, young athletes, they want to be the next LeBron James, but they also want to be the next Mark Cuban,” Rodriguez said. “They want to be entrepreneurs. That spirit, I think, flows through Bradley.”

Rodriguez is now mentoring Beal much like others did for him when he was in his 20s and was just getting started in his life as a businessman.

Beal, Rodriguez says, is a sponge to it all. His goal of learning more about business and potentially owning a sports team is evident in how serious he takes their conversations.

“What jumped off the page for me was how humble he is and how many questions he asks; his thirst to want to be great as a business person and as an investor. Very rarely do you have a player entering the prime of his career wanting to be a shrewd investor. That was pretty admirable,” Rodriguez said.

Beal is certainly charting his own course.

Being rich and famous opens doors. Beal earned his wealth and status, and it’s cool to see how he’s making the most it – even beyond basketball.

I recommend Hughes’ article for more details on the Rodriguez-Beal connection.