Report: Lakers signing Ben McLemore, whom Rockets waived

Former Rockets guard Ben McLemore and Lakers star LeBron James
Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Waived by the Rockets, heading to Los Angeles.

First DeMarcus Cousins went from Houston to the Clippers.

Now, Ben McLemore is going from Houston to the Lakers.

Shams Charania of The Athletic:

Though not as good overall as high-profile buyout signing Andre Drummond, McLemore might fit better with the Lakers. McLemore is a wing with the size and athleticism to defend. He can easily slide into lineups that feature LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

After a listless start to his career, McLemore found his niche as a 3-point specialist with the Rockets. He hasn’t shot efficiently enough this year, but playing with LeBron and Davis – once they get healthy – should create many open looks.

LeBron has been touting McLemore since McLemore surprisingly slipped to No. 7 in the 2013 draft:

Even when he dunked on a rookie McLemore, LeBron – then with the Heat – offered support:

McLemore hired Rich Paul, LeBron’s agent, last year. That Klutch connection probably didn’t hurt in making this deal happen.

For the sinking Rockets, this – like with Cousins – looks like a favor to the player, allowing him to join a preferred team.