Watch Kyle Lowry’s memorable (last?) Raptors press conference (video)

Raptors guard Kyle Lowry
Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Kyle Lowry is the greatest player in Raptors history, someone whose journey has made him beloved among Toronto fans.

Tomorrow, he might play for the Heat, 76ers, Lakers… or Raptors.

Certainty that Toronto will keep him has vanished. Trade-deadline day – also Lowry’s 35th birthday – brings plenty plenty of unpredictability.

Which made Wednesday strange. Maybe a farewell game. Maybe not.

For whatever it’s worth, Lowry threw up deuces after helping the Raptors to a 135-111 win over the Nuggets:

Fittingly for a player who makes so many subtle contributions, Lowry finished +42 against Denver. That’s the highest plus-minus of his career, highest by anyone in the NBA this season and second-highest in Raptors history (behind Mark Jackson’s +46).

After the game, Lowry had a lengthy and enjoyable press conference that included plenty of reflection, a touch of endearing combativeness and even a call from Drake: