Andrew Wiggins says he won’t get coronavirus vaccine soon unless forced

Warriors wing Andrew Wiggins
Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

76ers center Dwight Howard and Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr. raised doubts about the value of vaccines generally.

Warriors wing Andrew Wiggins is the first NBA player I’ve seen express reluctance to take a coronavirus vaccine specifically.

Monte Poole of NBC Sports Bay Area:

It’s unclear why Wiggins is uneager to get vaccinated.

Perhaps, he has natural immunity after contracting coronavirus. NBA players have had at least 165 cases – and almost certainly many more – of coronavirus. Young and seemingly healthy, Wiggins might want to let the limited supply of vaccines go to people who’d benefit more.

Or Wiggins could just be skeptical. He wouldn’t be alone – among NBA players or the general population. From a long history of medical mistreatment (particularly to Black people) to present-day public-health messaging that underplays the effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines, skepticism is understandable.

But the coronavirus vaccines are safe and effective. Getting one would help protect both Wiggins and those around him. Coronavirus is the real threat. Vaccines are our ticket back to normal life.

Polling has shown people tend to become increasingly willing to get vaccinated as shots become available. Currently, many people don’t yet have access to a vaccine. But that’s changing quickly, including for NBA players.

I hope Wiggins, by the appropriate time for him to get vaccinated, changes his mind.