Report: Rockets’ Victor Oladipo to be “prominent” in trade talks this week


Victor Oladipo does not appear destined to be part of the Rockets’ long term — he already rejected a two-year, $45.2 extension offer from the team (the most Houston could offer at the time). Meanwhile, the Warriors and Knicks have been linked to having an interest in an Oladipo trade, and there reportedly is some level of mutual interest with Miami.

All of which means expect a lot of Oladipo trade rumors the next week, something ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said on his podcast this week (hat tip Real GM).

“I think he’s going to be prominent in conversations this week. I think there’s a lot of teams with interested in Victor, but the question is going to be ‘What price?'”

Tim Bontemps suggests there will be interest in Oladipo, but teams are bearish on his play.

“I think a lot of teams are going to be reticent just from the simple fact he has not looked like the player he was before and there hasn’t been a lot of evidence, combined with him being a free agent, that you would want to pay a heavy price to bring him in.”

Oladipo has played better of late and is averaging 20.8 points a game this season, but has not been terribly efficient shooting 40.6% overall and 33.2% from three. Oladipo has not returned to an All-NBA level after the ruptured quadriceps tendon that cost him a season.

Will a team want to match Oladipo’s $21 million salary and give up a young rotation player like the Rockets want for Oladipo when said team can try to sign him this offseason?

Oladipo will be one of the top free agents this summer in a depleted class. Most likely, the most teams will offer is around the $25 million a year ballpark salary he’s already been offered in deals by Indiana and Houston (and rejected). Oladipo will want more years and more security — this contract will take him past his 30-year-old season, and he has an injury history.

Houston knows it could lose him this summer and would love to get a player or at least some picks back for him, but whether they can find a trade that works will be one of the big questions of the next week.