Heat big Meyers Leonard uses anti-Semitic slur during livestream

Heat big Meyers Leonard
Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images

Heat big Meyers Leonard used an anti-Semitic slur while livestreaming himself playing video games today.

Video of the stream (warning: profanity, obviously):


F***ing cowards. Don’t f***ing snipe me, you k*** b****.

Leonard soon had a quick and panicked end to his livestream after his slur gained attention outside the stream:

Leonard has since apologized for his use of the slur. The Miami Heat released a statement strongly condemning the language and saying Leonard would be away from the team “indefinitely.” The NBA is investigating the matter and the Heat are cooperating with that effort.

Leonard, who raised his profile by standing for the national anthem in the bubble, is out with a season-ending injury. His contract (middling salary, final guaranteed season) could prove useful in a trade.