Nets’ Jeff Green suffers shoulder contusion on hard foul from Patrick Beverley

Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Clippers
Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

LOS ANGELES — Patrick Beverley jumped up to No. 1 on the hated players list for Nets fans on Sunday night.

Two minutes into the game, Beverley got into it with James Harden after a hard foul by the Clippers’ guard to stop a fast break. However, it was his hard foul setting a screen on Nets center Jeff Green — knocking him to the ground and eventually out of the game with a shoulder contusion — that really had Nets fans livid.

Green had to leave the game with the shoulder injury, going straight to the locker room, and he was pissed about it.

Green will be re-evaluated Monday, the team said.

This ended up working out for the Nets. It forced coach Steve Nash to put DeAndre Jordan back in the game, and he had the game-winning tip-in for Brooklyn. Then, when Kawhi Leonard drove the lane looking to tie the game in the final seconds and was called for an offensive foul on Harden, which was pretty clearly a flop, Lue didn’t have his challenge left to force a review of the call because he used it on Beverley’s foul on Green a couple of minutes before. (To be fair, most coaches try to use their challenge before the two-minute mark because they are limited in what they can challenge in the final two minutes, and the referees usually initiate a review of close calls themselves in that window.)