Warriors pass Lakers in Forbes’ NBA franchise valuations, Knicks still lead

Warriors star Stephen Curry vs. Lakers
Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

After Forbes ranked the Knicks and Lakers as the NBA’s most valuable franchises last year, Warriors owner Joe Lacob said his franchise had much more revenue than the Knicks and Lakers.

Forbes apparently listened, at least somewhat.

Despite the Warriors finishing last in the standings and the Lakers winning the championship last season, Golden State ($4.7 billion) passed the Lakers ($4.6 billion) in Forbes’ latest NBA-team valuations. Both teams still trail the Knicks, whom Forbes estimates to be worth $5 billion.

The full valuations:

NBA owners are facing financial difficulties amid the coronavirus pandemic. But fan attendance is gradually increasing as positivity rates fall. Expansion could provide another influx of cash.

No team’s valuation slipped from last year, and many had their estimated worth rise.