Nets’ Kyrie Irving: ‘We’re the team that is battling against so many odds’


The Nets are the team that has a historically talented trio in Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving.

They’re also the team that has…

Ajayi Browne of NetsDaily:

Yes, Durant’s most-recent coronavirus situation looks to have arbitrarily been enforced. Why did he have to miss the start of the game?

But I have yet to find a team that believes it gets a favorable whistle. The referees are not out to get Brooklyn. In fact, Harden is well known for manipulating officials to draw fouls. No sympathy there.

As far as battling so many odds, the Nets have incredible star power. They are not plucky underdogs.

Brooklyn hasn’t taken off. If Irving needs to sell himself on these narratives for motivation, more power to him. But the rest of us don’t need to accept this self-victimization at face value.