NBA: One player tested positive for coronavirus in last eight days

Bucks guard Jrue Holiday
Kent Smith/NBAE via Getty Images

Jrue Holiday missed the Bucks’ win over the Nuggets on Monday due to the NBA’s coronavirus protocols. Milwaukee teammate Khris Middleton revealed Holiday tested positive, but also expressed hope subsequent tests would prove it to be a false positive. Holiday isn’t with the Bucks for their game against the Suns tonight.

NBA release:

Of the 470 players tested for COVID-19 since Feb. 3, one new player has returned a confirmed positive test.

This wasn’t necessarily Holiday. It’s possible he had a false positive and is being kept out due to contact tracing. But his one known positive test, his continued absence and Milwaukee’s lack of transparency certainly invite speculation.

Overall, these results are good news for the NBA. Just two players have tested positive in the last three weeks. The league is continuing its money-making operation with minimal interruption.

Though it seemed the NBA was more aggressively postponing games following confirmed cases, no games have been postponed during this round of testing – even with the confirmed positive. The league’s protocols for postponing remain murky publicly.

NBA players have had at least 146 cases – and almost certainly many more – of coronavirus.