Atlanta’s De’Andre Hunter out at least a week with knee injury


De'Andre Hunter has taken a leap forward in his second season. His defense was always his calling card, but his offense was a work in progress, but this season he’s averaging 17.2 points a game, still hitting threes (36.6%) but more importantly finishing much better at the rim and from floater range. It has transformed his game, and the Hawks are +7.6 per 100 possessions when he is on the court.

Which is why it will sting he is out for at least a week, the Hawks announced.

Hunter has “articular wear and tear in his right knee” and had a non-surgical procedure Saturday to help healing, the Hawks announced.

It was already going to be a tough week for the Hawks, with the Lakers, Jazz, and Raptors on the schedule.

No Hunter means more run for Cam Reddish — whose game also has taken a leap forward this year — and Kevin Huerter.