Watch the play that got DeMarcus Cousins ejected

Dallas Mavericks v Houston Rockets
Cato Cataldo/NBAE via Getty Images

DeMarcus Cousins got himself ejected from the Rockets’ loss to the Mavericks Monday.

Did he earn it? Let’s say most players would not have gotten a second technical for this, but officials across the league have a short fuse when it comes to Cousins.

He already had one technical from a little pushing match with Willie Cauley-Stein early in the second quarter (not much, it could have been a no-call, but it was a fair technical). Two minutes later, Cousins powered past Jalen Brunson, wanted the foul call, didn’t get it, then barked at the referee about it running away and got a “respect the game” technical. That’s two Ts and Cousins was ejected.

I get it, referees feel disrespected by players who are constantly complaining about calls and trying to show them up. There needs to be a line drawn.

Cousins did not cross the line here. Basketball is an emotional game, referees need to have a thick skin and let the players show it. Try to diffuse the situation without resorting to throwing players out of the game, if at all possible. This, however, was not worthy of a second technical.

This officiating crew had a quick trigger all night, later giving a Dallas assistant coach on the bench a technical for something he said.

Let the players play.