Lakers, Dennis Schroder talking contract extension (in February)


Dennis Schroder has impressed for the Lakers through two games — 16 points, seven rebounds, and seven assists a game, shooting 37.5% from three in two games as a starter next to LeBron James.

Which is why the Lakers traded for him and why Los Angeles would love to lock Schroder up longer term. The other reason is he is just 27 and could be the point guard/ball handler paired with Anthony Davis who could help the Lakers transition to the post-LeBron era (whenever that comes). Los Angeles offered the max contract extension it could after trading for Schroder — two years, $33.4 million — but, as expected, the German point guard turned it down, reports ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. According to the report, the sides are looking at a longer deal, but that cannot be formalized until after Feb. 16.

Schroder, who entered the final year of a $15.5 million contract, becomes eligible to extend that deal for more money and more years — as much as $83 million over four years — between Feb. 16 through the start of the 2021 offseason…

The Lakers can offer a starting salary of $18.6 million starting with the 2021-22 season, which creates much more of a realistic opportunity for the Lakers, Schroder and his agent, Alex Saratsis, to find a landing spot on a market-value extension with the Lakers.

Four years at $83 million seems a fair market offer for a quality starting point guard like Schroder.

The reason for the delay in making the offer the league’s Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) limits how much teams can extend a player for after trading for him (or get in an extend-and-trade deal) — the league does not want richer teams just being able to trade for players then pay them whatever they want, it wants a more balanced playing field. However, Schroder is extension eligible, so come Feb. 16 the Lakers can extend him under the regular extension rules, and $83.3 million is the maximum amount allowed then.

If Schroder declines that offer, the Lakers have his Bird rights this offseason and can go over the cap/tax to re-sign him.

However it plays out, expect Schroder to be part of the Lakers for years to come.