Report: Jazz offered Rudy Gobert standard max extension, but he wants super-max

Jazz center Rudy Gobert
Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

Jazz center Rudy Gobert is eligible for a super-max contract extension.

Yes, the same super-max extension worth more than $228 million that Giannis Antetokounmpo just signed.

Porter Larsen of ESPN 700:

I don’t know where the 28% comes from. On a standard extension, Gobert’s max starting salary is 120% of his 2020-21 salary. That comes out to about 29% of the projected 2021-22 salary cap. Is Utah offering him slightly less, or is this report slightly off?

A designated-player extension (sometimes called a super-max extension) must start at between 30% and 35% of the salary cap. It must last five seasons. The deadline for such an extension is Monday.

A standard extension carries carries far more flexibility.

Here are the key differences between the extension types:

Designated player Regular
Max years 5 4
Min years 5 1
Max starting salary $39,344,970 $33,030,337
Min starting salary $33,724,260 $2,389,645*
Deadline Monday Aug. 1**

*This number is irrelevant.

**This deadline could shift as the NBA sets its schedule for the offseason and 2021-22 season. Generally, it’s the last day of the 2020-21 league year (which normally would be June 30).

Here’s how those differences translate over the life of an extension:

Year Designated player min Designated player max Standard


2021-22 $33,724,260 $39,344,970 $33,030,337
2022-23 $31,026,319 $42,492,568 $35,672,764
2023-24 $28,328,378 $45,640,165 $38,315,191
2024-25 $25,630,438 $48,787,763 $40,957,618
2025-26 $22,932,497 $51,935,360
Total $141,641,892 $228,200,826 $147,975,911
Average $28,328,378 $45,640,165 $36,993,978

Generally, a designated-player extend allows the Jazz to pay Gobert more and extend him for five years rather than just four.

As high as I am on Gobert, an extension would begin in his age-29 season and there is a surplus of center talent around the league. The Jazz should want to keep him. He’s an excellent player.

But a standard max extension seems more than fair.