Wizards likely to sit Russell Westbrook during back-to-backs this season


The plan had been to sit John Wall during back-to-backs this season, trying to preserve the legs of the aging superstar with an injury history. Then the Wizards traded Wall

For Russell Westbrook, an aging superstar with an injury history (although he has played more than Wall in recent years. That means the plan to sit their star in half of every back-to-back remains in place, something coach Scott Brooks said pregame, reports NBC Sports Washington’s Chase Hughes.

This is often what Mike D’Antoni did in Houston with Westbrook.

Westbrook has proven fairly durable throughout his career, but he has had five surgeries on his right knee, and there are a lot of miles on his 32-year-old body. It’s the smart play by Washington to take it easy on Westbrook this season and preserve him.

Both Westbrook and Bradley Beal sat out the Washington preseason opener against Brooklyn on Sunday.