NBA to use point-of-care rapid testing daily for players during season


The NBA may have left the bubble in Orlando, but it’s once again banking on daily testing, this time to get through a new season.

The NBA will have point-of-care rapid testing with 30-minute results for the home team this season, which will be part of league-wide protocols, reports Shams Charania of The Athletic.

These tests and plans are in addition to the 158-pages of health and safety protocols the league sent to teams recently. Some of those health and safety guidelines are obvious — don’t go out to bars and clubs, wear a mask — but the league has gotten as detailed as it can in hopes of limiting the impact of the coronavirus on the season.

While players will get tested daily, the people in their household will get tested twice a week. The idea remains to catch anything early before it spreads through a team and forces postponements and cancelations.

The league is also working on a protocol where players and team staff will have to get the vaccine once it is readily available around the nation.