Expect Kevin Durant to play some small-ball five for Brooklyn


The Brooklyn Nets had some controversy at center last season: Jarrett Allen was the better player, but DeAndre Jordan had friends in high places (and he played solidly at the five as well).

Now, add Kevin Durant to the mix.

Durant said coach Steve Nash will use him at the four, as a small-ball five at times, plus have KD bring the ball up at points. Malika Andrews of ESPN has the quotes:

“I think coach is going to use me in a variety of ways, especially as a small-ball 5 and 4 sometimes,” Durant said. “And bringing the ball up, too, so I’ve just got to be ready for anything.”

According to Durant, the Nets aren’t placing an “emphasis” on playing center during small-ball lineups, with coach Steve Nash instead encouraging position-less basketball.

This is essentially what Golden State did in Durant’s last couple of seasons there. One could argue Durant was the center and Draymond Green more of a power forward; it just depended on the matchups.

It is also exactly how Durant should be used — he is as versatile a player as the game has ever seen, and he can score from any position against virtually any matchup. The Nets can roll out big lineups, small lineups, they have multiple ball handlers — they can beat teams a variety of ways. That includes with Durant at center for a stretch.

Durant added he just needs to get in some games to see what his body can, cannot handle at this point as he comes back from a torn Achilles that cost him all of last season.

Durant also was asked about James Harden.

What else was Durant going to say?