Rockets: James Harden arrives in Houston for coronavirus testing


James Harden has finally reported to the Rockets – though he must clear coronavirus testing before joining the team.

Tim MacMahon of ESPN:

This shows how late Harden arrived. He was supposed to be in Houston in time to clear testing before practice began Sunday. Now, that clearance process is just begging.

The big question: What attitude will Harden bring to training camp?

He can be destructive in the best of times, but he more than offsets any damage with elite production and impressive durability. Any slip in on-court focus and effectiveness, and Harden’s negative qualities could be really disruptive.

Harden still wants to be traded, and the Rockets still sound content to keep him until a quality offer emerges. Maybe Harden will come around once in a team setting.

But there’s also risk of this going the other way.