LeBron James on Clippers losing to Nuggets: ‘I still can’t believe it’


When the Clippers led the Nuggets 3-1 and held a big lead in Game 5 (then even in Game 6), it seemed we’d get the highly anticipated Lakers-Clippers Western Conference finals. But the Clippers blew it – an outcome the Lakers love to talk about.

Lakers star LeBron James on “Road Trippin'”:

I couldn’t believe it. To this day, I still can’t believe it. Obviously, the better team won. That’s what happened. But still, because all the s***-talking that they were doing all year – and exclude Paul and exclude Kawhi. Even exclude Trez. Obviously, we know who the s***-talkers was.

Trez might have said a little bit, because he was part of that crew.

He roll with it. He roll with it. And that’s why he’s loyal. He’s a loyal guy.

And put theyself in a position to get what they been talking s*** about all year, and I just couldn’t fathom the part or come to the realization that that they did not seek that opportunity when it was right there.

Just seeing the team that they had, they were built for that, I believe. They was coached for that, I believe. Obviously, they’ve got our championship head coach on their bench in T Lue. I just did not see them losing just like everybody else in the basketball sports world did not see them losing that series besides one of my favorite coaches, Mike Malone and his group.

Mike Malone is my guy. I spent, what, I believe five years with him in Cleveland. That’s one of the guys I love the most.

Not Paul George. Not Kawhi Leonard. Not Montrezl Harrell, who talked plenty but gets a pass because he signed with the Lakers (and sounds ready to join the other side of trash-talking).

That’s a long way of saying Patrick Beverley.

Beverley reportedly gloated directly to LeBron about the Clippers’ new stars. Beverley declared the Clippers the “best team in L.A. for sure.” Beverley showboated as the Clippers beat the Lakers on Christmas.

Maybe there’s also a little shade toward former Clippers coach Doc Rivers, former Lakers center Ivica Zubac and the Clippers’ marketing department in LeBron’s response.

But so much of it is directed right at Beverley.