Report: NBA to expand active game roster to 15 due to COVID-19


The NBA has seen what has happened with the NFL, MLB, and every major college sport that has tried to play home games in empty home arenas: There will be positive tests and players missing games. There will be postponed games. It’s inevitable, especially considering the national spike in coronavirus cases.

The NBA has tried to prepare and counter for that. It increased how much a two-way player can be up with the big squad to 50 games. Now comes the report of an expanded active NBA roster, via Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

This is going to get rubber-stamped and approved by the owners.

Expanding the active rosters simply gives coaches more options, and this season that is going to matter, especially with a condensed schedule and some players inevitably missing games. Teams can carry up to 17 players (15 regular roster players and two two-way players).