Indiana re-signs wing Justin Holiday on three-year deal

Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

Indiana may be shaking up the roster this offseason — questions about Myles Turner and/or Victor Oladipo going out, and potentially Gordon Hayward coming in, remain unanswered — but it is bringing back one player to keep things solid.

Indiana has re-signed wing player Justin Holiday on a three-year deal, a story broken by Zach Lowe of ESPN.

Most importantly, this keeps brothers Justin and Aaron Holiday together, although the dream of forming Holiday Voltron on the Pacers by adding Jrue Holiday is dead.

Because Indiana only had non-Bird Rights on Holiday, this contract – which will start at $5.7 million next season — is the most the team could offer him without using part of the mid-level exception (which they want to save for other players). This may be less per year than other teams would offer, but at age 31, most teams also were going to offer one- or two-year deals, this is a three-year contract for more guaranteed money than he has ever made in the NBA before. It provides security.

At age 31, Holiday had his best season last year for the Pacers, playing quality defense on opposing wings while shooting 40.5% from three. He’s also respected in the locker room. It’s a good signing for Indiana, no matter what moves they ultimately make to shake up the roster.