Report: Boston searching for way to move into top three in draft


There has been buzz around the league for weeks about Boston trying to move in the NBA Draft. The why has been the question, whether it was to draft someone specific (Isaac Okoro‘s name comes up) or to then flip the pick as part of a package for a star player.

On the day of the draft, Boston is still working on getting into the top three, reports Marc Stein of the New York Times.

A top-three pick means they are either in love with LaMelo Ball (or James Wiseman or Anthony Edwards, but both of those feel more like longshots), or more likely, it’s part of a plan to flip the pick in another trade.

Gordon Hayward and the Celtics agreed to push back his opt-out date, suggesting a sign-and-trade is coming for the wing. Hayward and a high pick can bring a lot back in return. There have been plenty of James Harden rumors around Boston, but sources told NBC Sports the Celtics aren’t in the mix for The Beard.

Danny Ainge plays things close to the vest and isn’t afraid to make a bold move (or tell you how close he came to landing some star player). Boston is making a lot of noise, but is it sound and fury signifying nothing, or is there a grand plan?