Report: Devin Vassell was just goofing around during awkward shooting video

Florida State wing Devin Vassell
Rob Carr/Getty Images

Devin Vassell entered the NBA draft as a 3-and-D wing.

Does he still have the 3?

A video emerged of Vassell shooting 3-pointers with a funky form, cocking the ball way behind his head. It looked nothing like his efficient jumper at Florida State.

John Hollinger of The Athletic:

sources insist that it was just him goofing around and not a real change in his form.

For Vassell’s sake, I hope this is accurate. The video was alarming.

After Markelle Fultz surprisingly struggled to shoot in his 76ers workout then had major issues, there’s heightened attention now on pre-draft shooting form. Nobody wants to repeat Philadelphia’s mistake of overlooking red flags.

If this update came from Vassell’s camp, it must be taken with some skepticism. There’s obviously incentive to downplay his flaws – accurately or not. However, teams working out Vassell could easily assess his form now.

The stakes are high. If Vassell’s shooting form hasn’t regressed, maybe he belongs among the draft’s top prospects.