Monte Morris: ‘I would love to get an extension here. I love Denver.’


Denver has an elite point guard in Jamal Murray, who took a step forward in the bubble and proved to be the No. 2 option the Nuggets need next to Nikola Jokic.

Denver has another starting quality point guard behind him in Monte Morris, who had a strong bubble as well averaging 9.1 points a game and knocking down threes. The difference is Murray already got paid (big, a max extension). Morris is about to get paid, not as much but paid nonetheless. He is in the final year of the contract he signed as a second-round pick out of Iowa State.

Morris is owed $1.7 million next season (not even guaranteed until free agency gets underway) and will be a free agent after that, which has the sides talking contract extension. Morris wants that to work out, he told Mike Singer of the Denver Post.

“I don’t think it’s a secret to anyone,” Morris told The Denver Post. “I would love to get an extension here. I love Denver. I love everything from the organization to the coaches all the way down to equipment, to everyone. Me, personally, hopefully, if it goes that way. I would love to be in Denver for however long.”

Denver has a history of re-signing its players and betting on chemistry, and that could well happen again. The question is the price — Morris likely deserves at least $10 million a season for three years, maybe a little more. Does Denver pay that or keep their powder dry looking for a bigger score in free agency (this offseason or next)? If Morris reaches free agency next summer a lot of teams will be interested.

Either way, Morris is on the cusp of getting paid — not bad for the 51st pick in the draft.