Velveeta Cheese Twitter has really smart, nuanced NBA analytics takes

Greg Powers for The Washington Post via Getty Images

It’s 2020, should we really be surprised a pasteurized prepared cheese product is the smartest person/food in the room?

The Velveeta Cheese Twitter account took a break from explaining how to make great mac & cheese or creamy queso dips to throw down knowledge on NBA advanced stats that blows a lot of paid pundits out of the water. Seriously. This cheese deserves its own podcast at this point.

It all started when Hoops Central tried to start a Twitter discussion of the most underrated player in NBA history, and Velveeta chimed in.

Then somebody pointed out Abdul-Rauf’s +/- numbers, and it got rolling.

I will second this next one:

Then came some real endorsements. Velveeta was asked about VORP (Value Over Replacement Player):

And Velveeta wasn’t done, it even got into the value of Rudy Gobert:

Welcome to 2020, where you are better off listening to the NBA thoughts of a smooth cheese food product than most sports talk radio hosts.

I have more thoughts on this, but first I’m going to sit down and have some mac & cheese.