More apparent NBA jersey leaks: Knicks, Bulls, Clippers, Heat and more

New York Knicks
Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

The Lakers, Nets, Trail Blazers, Suns, Mavericks, Pelicans, Spurs and Warriors recently had apparent jersey leaks.

Now, we see new uniforms (at least partially) for the Knicks, Bulls, Clippers, Wizards, Pistons, Raptors, Grizzlies, Heat and Rockets.


The Knicks are really leaning into their shift from proud franchise to off-brand joke. These jerseys are the epitome of this not-cool Knicks era.


“No little plans” is a quote from Chicago architect Daniel Burnham. Chicago’s unique architecture definitely lends itself to influencing uniforms. I’m not sure this is it, though. Minuses for a color scheme, when you see the Bulls in it on television, will just confuse you about who’s playing.


“Los Angeles” is a far better brand, despite being vaguer, than “Clippers.” Hence, a dark version of last season’s alternate uniforms. However, I maintain my objection: The Clippers’ name is “L.A.,” not “Los Angeles.”


The Wizards have great colors – red, white and blue. I’m not a big fan of dulling them with gray (however fitting that is for this team).


It’s too wordy. But the circle creates an effect that will look better during games, when people aren’t reading the words anyway.


Pretty similar to previous OVO jerseys. Will more people really buy this slightly different version of the jersey than would’ve bought the “old” version?


These are pretty similar too previous throwbacks. But nostalgia is still a winning formula.


The Heat have cycled through all the simple variations of the popular Miami Vice theme. So, it’s time to blend colors, I guess.


With just the shorts, this is merely a tease. But Rockets in light blue? Again, I don’t like turning on a game and having no idea which team is which. But I am at least intrigued about seeing the jerseys.