Kyle Korver describes what happened in Milwaukee locker room on night of protest

David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

There have been descriptions before of what happened the night the Bucks refused to take the court for a playoff game after the Jacob Blake shooting in Milwaukee.

Nobody, however, went into the detail Kyle Korver did speaking at his alma mater Creighton Sunday. This is must watch.

Korver talks about the Milwaukee assistant coach Darvin Ham being in tears in the wake of the shooting, about George Hill and Shannon Brown being the first saying they didn’t want to play first, followed by the rest of the team saying they were with him.

“What can I as a white man do in these situations? Stand with the marginalized.”

The Bucks led a series of teams who protested and almost ended the bubble, until he and Chris Paul spoke with Barack Obama and decided to they could make more of an impact playing. This new description from Korver of the Milwaukee locker room’s emotions shows just how raw and real this was for the players.