Patrick Mahomes wants Raptors to play next season in Kansas City


The Raptors will probably play next season in Toronto.

That’s not assured, however. If Canada still has a 14-day quarantine for anyone entering the nation due to COVID-19 when the next NBA season begins, the Raptors will need to follow the MLB’s Blue Jays model and find a home in the continental United States. There had been rumors that might be Louisville, then that quickly got shot down.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes wants the Raptors to play in Kansas City.

Kansas City has been one of the city’s mentioned as a place for an NBA team should the league expand (although there are other cities in front of it in line). It has the Sprint Center that could easily host games. Mahomes is a huge Kansas City backer (he’s actually part of the Royals’ ownership group).

Despite what the Super Bowl MVP wants, expect the Raptors to be in Toronto next season.