Are the Golden State Warriors interested in signing Jeremy Lin?


Jeremy Lin, at age 32, left the Chinese Basketball Association to try and make an NBA comeback.

Could that come full circle with Lin playing for the Golden State Warriors, the team where he started his NBA career? If a rumor out of China is to be believed, maybe. Translation via Hoopshype:

According to a reliable source, the Golden State Warriors have expressed a clear interest in Jeremy Lin. The Warriors’ core Curry likes Jeremy Lin’s way of playing and clearly expressed his hope that he can join the Warriors. Although Jeremy Lin has not made a decision yet, this Obviously it is already one of his very important choices…

In addition to the Warriors, the Nets are also likely to be one of the teams that Jeremy could join in the future. Everyone knows that the owner of the Nets is Joe Tsai. He has always hoped that the team can have Chinese elements in it. More importantly, Joe Tsai and Jeremy Lin have very good personal relationships.

All rumors this time of year — especially ones from untrusted sources like this one — should be taken with a full box of Morton’s Kosher salt. This could come from an agent trying to pump Lin up. Also, it’s conveniently timed that this came out at the same time a Chinese retailer released a Lin signature shoe. Let’s just say something smells off about this report, but it has gained public attention.

Golden State has Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson in the backcourt, but not much on the roster behind them as backups. The last time he was in the NBA, the 2018-19 season, Lin was a solid rotation player for Atlanta coming off the bench and averaging 10.7 points per game while shooting 34.7 percent from three. That didn’t stop the Hawks from waiving him after the trade deadline. He was picked up for the rest of the season by Toronto, but by the playoffs he had fallen out of the rotation for the eventual champs. Lin became the first Asian-American player to win an NBA title, but he was frustrated because he was a non-factor.

Lin did not get a contract after that season as teams looked to younger players they could develop for their backup point guard, so he opted to play in China. Are the win-now Warriors the kind of team that might want a more experienced backup point guard? Defense has always been an issue with Lin, but it would be less of an issue as a reserve.

Lin landing with the Warriors is not impossible, but not likely either (Brooklyn has Kyrie Irving and Spencer Dinwiddie at the point, not sure they go that direction unless there is a roster shakeup).

But it’s stupid-crazy NBA rumor season, and this one is out there and turning a few heads.