Could Detroit Pistons trade Blake Griffin this offseason?

Blake Griffin
Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images

Blake Griffin, coming off a season where he played just 18 games due to another knee surgery, is owed $75.6 million over the next two years (assuming he picks up his 2021-22 player option for nearly $39 million, which he will).

Those are not the kind of stats that usually inspire trade interest from other teams, but in the case of the Pistons’ Blake Griffin there is a market, ESPN’s Zach Lowe said on his podcast this week (hat tip Real GM).

“Enough people have asked me what I’ve heard about Blake Griffin and how he’s looking. What am I hearing? This and that. That I think Detroit is going to have a market for him.

“I don’t think it’s going to be, like, strong. They’re not going to have two first-round picks, or even a first-round pick unless they take back something onerous too. But I’ve had enough teams ask me about Blake Griffin that I think there’s still interest in what he can do to help you win.”

Considering what Griffin is making, the interested parties will be contending teams (or teams that think they are contenders) with a big contract they also are willing to move: Golden State with Andrew Wiggins, Houston with Russell Westbrook, Philadelphia with Al Horford are the obvious choices.

Because of the likely flat salary cap and the lack of elite free agents, there are going to be interesting and unexpected trades this offseason (Lowe in his podcast got into a name I heard buzzing around, Aaron Gordon). Big salaries are going to move, which teams do that wisely will be interesting.

Like which team lands Blake Griffin in a trade, and for what.