Spencer Dinwiddie says he will be Draymond Green/glue guy for Brooklyn

Spencer Dinwiddie Draymond Green
Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images

The Brooklyn Nets enter next season with a lot of talent — Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Caris LeVert, Jarrett Allen — and questions about how it all will fit together. Especially under first-time head coach Steve Nash.

Spencer Dinwiddie has an idea how he fits into the plan — as the glue guy, Dinwiddie said Friday on “The Jump,” comparing his role to that of Draymond Green on the Warriors. (Hat tip to Nets Daily.)

“Obviously, we don’t know who’s going to start, who’s coming off the bench, That’s with KD and Kyrie excluded, of course But really with all of this being formed, I view myself if we’re going with the Golden State model as the Draymond Green, the glue. Sometimes, I get 10 boards, sometimes, I get 10 assists. Sometimes, I score a little bit more because obviously, we have a super dynamic point guard. We also have the greatest scorer of all-time. That’s always how I thought about it. I’d be blessed to fill that role this year and try to win a championship.”

Nash and Nets fans have to love that attitude from Dinwiddie, who is going to see fewer touches and maybe fewer minutes, assuming Irving can stay healthy. Dinwiddie is going to need to adapt and be ready to do different things each night.

Dinwiddie has a versatile game and could end up as the guy who does whatever is needed that night. Draymond also brings intensity and emotional leadership, and if those things don’t come from Dinwiddie they need to come from somewhere.