Celtics’ Vincent Poirier would take Olympic gold with France over NBA ring

Xinyu Cui/Getty Images

France has qualified to be one of the dozen teams competing for the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

The late start for next season means some players may wjill miss the Olympics to be part of the NBA playoffs. That may seem like a no-brainer for many Americans, but Vincent Poirier of France said in an interview with Konbini Sports it’s no easy call (hat tip to Eurohoops).

“I take the Olympic title,” Poirier said… “French Olympic champions are rare. If I’m one of the 12 players who win the gold at the Olympics, I will be a legend.”

We don’t know yet what the Olympics will look like next year, although they are scheduled to start July 23. We also don’t officially know the start of the next NBA season. Players from teams that miss the NBA postseason may have the time to compete in the Olympics, but many of the best NBA players may not compete. Nothing is set in stone, but it seems to be headed that direction.

Players, including Poirier, will choose club — and a paycheck — over country, but don’t think this is a given.