LeBron James tells Larry O’Brien trophy ‘you cheated on me’


LeBron James hoisted the Larry O’Brien Trophy — given to the NBA Champion — in 2016 after leading Cleveland’s legendary 3-1 comeback against Golden State. The Warriors responded by signing Kevin Durant and forming an all-time powerhouse team that won the next two titles. Then last year, Kawhi Leonard led Toronto to that franchise’s first title.

LeBron was cradling the Larry O’Brien Trophy again this year in his Lakers’ uniform — and JaVale McGee caught LeBron telling the trophy it was “dirty” for cheating on him. From McGee’s vlog:

“I can’t believe you cheated on me for the last five years. You dirty… I can’t believe you cheated on me the last four years. What is wrong with you? I’m going to bring your ass home.”

LeBron kind of catches himself in there and does the math in his head from the 2016 title until this year.

McGee himself has three rings now, two with the Warriors and one with the Lakers. He has evolved into a center who can fit the modern game, is athletic, and can protect the paint on one end, then set a pick and roll hard to the rim on the other. He’s a lob threat out of the dunker’s spot along the baseline. No plays are run for him, but McGee gets his and plays his role.