Rumor: Thunder want first-rounder, prospect (like Knicks’ Kevin Knox) for Chris Paul

Knicks forward Kevin Knox vs. Thunder star Chris Paul
Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

The Thunder reportedly tried to give away Chris Paul last offseason, but teams – including the Knicks – said no.

Paul had a resurgent season. He showed leadership in an imperfect situation. His contract is now one year shorter and $38,506,482 cheaper.

What would it take to get him now?

Marc Berman of the New York Post:

Oklahoma City general manager Sam Presti likely will want a first-round pick and a young prospect still on his rookie contract, multiple league officials believe.

According to the source, that young player preferably would be Knox

As far as a general framework, that makes some sense. But there are issues that would swing value significantly. Which first-round pick, and how is it protected? How would the other team match Paul’s $41,358,814 salary for next season? (The Knicks could open enough cap space to absorb Paul’s salary outright or might prefer to unload Julius Randle.)

And of course, the exact prospect is a huge variable.

Does Berman’s source know Presti specifically likes Kevin Knox? Or is the source just speculating based on Presti’s general fondness for athletic wings? I wouldn’t assume either way. But New York might be willing to part with Knox.

If this doesn’t work out for the Knicks, they could always move onto another star.