Russell Westbrook leaves $8,000 tip for cleaning crew at bubble hotel

Westbrook return
Bob Levey/Getty Images

Russell Westbrook has a reputation of generosity to those close to him and people who help him on his journey.

Some of those people were the ones who cleaned his hotel room for the months he and the Houston Rockets were in the NBA bubble. Brad Townsend of the Dallas Morning News Tweeted out a rumor he heard that Westbrook had left an $8,000 tip for the hotel cleaning staff. Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report confirmed it.

Good on Westbrook — this is how you make a positive impact on people. That’s a lot of money, but for him it’s not going to make any difference in his day-to-day life. For the people who clean hotel rooms on the Walt Disney property, it dramatically improves and changes their lives.

It’s likely other players have left tips as well, just not as generous and not reported.