Heat players, former NBA stars react to Udonis Haslem’s fiery speech

Udonis Haslem
Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

Midway through the third quarter of Game 2, with the Heat seeming to deflate against the size and relentless attack of the Lakers, veteran and Heat Icon Udonis Haslem tried to light a fire under his team.

During a timeout, he got in their faces with the kind of rant we can’t repeat in front of children.

“Play harder…” was Jimmy Butler‘s answer to what Haslem said that could be repeated. “I like the way that we responded to it. But we got guys that when you tell them what it is, we normally respond. So maybe he should just start the game off cussing people out.”

Butler wasn’t the only guy who liked what Udonis Haslem said, Heat legend Dwyane Wade did, too.

Wade wasn’t alone.

If the Heat need another fiery speech from Haslem for Game 3, this series is over.