Report: Alleged Danuel House incident believed to be far from isolated

Rockets forward Danuel House
Jim Poorten/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA is reportedly investigating whether Rockets forward Danuel House let a female coronavirus tester into his hotel room.

More details are emerging.

Both House and Tyson Chandler missed Houston’s Game 3 loss to the Lakers on Tuesday for what were called “personal reasons.”

Shams  and Sam Amick of The Athletic:

A female entered the Rockets’ team hotel on Monday night, passing multiple security checkpoints before being flagged for her entry, sources said. She exited the hotel in the early hours of Tuesday morning, and the league cited early data points that implicated two members of the Rockets, House and Tyson Chandler, sources said. When the female was questioned by NBA security, she did not implicate House’s name and it is uncertain whether she remains on campus, sources said. She claimed to have contact with Chandler and another player, not named House, according to sources.

Those sources said there appears to be no video connecting House and the female; only the flagging of her entering and leaving the hotel, and the possibility of a door opening and closing to match those timelines. The NBA has informed involved parties that it has circumstantial evidence implicating House.

The league’s investigation cleared Chandler and focused toward House on Wednesday, sources said.

What’s more, there is a growing sense among team executives that this is far from an isolated incident.

Widespread violations of bubble protocols would be a HUGE development.

Both owners and players have a lot of money at stake in this resumption. It works only if the league prevents a coronavirus outbreak, which is why these restrictions were put into place.

After weekly announcements, the NBA has gone more than three weeks since its last update on coronavirus testing in the bubble.

Even with just this incident, there’s plenty to sort out. How did House get implicated if there’s no video of him and the woman didn’t name him? How did Chandler get cleared?

There are many unanswered questions from the outside. It’s also unclear how many answers the league has right now.