Toronto TV station reports Raptors lose Game 3… 0.5 seconds too early (video)


With the Celtics and Raptors tied and the shot clock off in the final moments of Game 3, Kemba Walker waved through the defense, drew help and delivered an incredible pass to Daniel Theis. Theis dunked what looked like it’d be the game-winner for Boston with just 0.5 seconds left.

That’s when Toronto TV station CP24 broke in – with a breaking-news sound and chyron! – to announced the Raptors had lost.

Of course, you know what happened next.

Raptors Cage:

That was impressive work by reporter Beatrice Vaisman, who quickly fixed the studio error (though the chyron remained incorrect for a while).

Even more impressive work by OG Anunoby, who made the shot that turned this into a legendary clip.