Watch Jamal Murry’s emotional postgame speech: ‘We found something we’re fighting for as the NBA’

Jamal Murray
Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

Jamal Murray was powerful and unstoppable on the court Sunday, dropping 50 and forcing a Game 7.

He was more powerful after the game.

In a televised interview, Murray was asked about his shoes — with Breonna Taylor on one and George Floyd on the other — and said the inspiration of the duo “give me life.”

“These shoes mean a lot. I just want to win. In life, you find things that hold value to you and things to fight for. And we found something we’re fighting for as the NBA, as a collective unit. I use these shoes as a symbol to me to keep fighting all around the world. So like I said, they give me a lot of power to keep fighting…

“These shoes give me life. Even though these people are gone, they give me life, they help me find strength to keep fight in this world.”

Murray’s raw emotional answers inspired other players watching inside and outside the bubble.