P.J. Tucker, Dennis Schroder each fined $25,000 for run-in

Schroder Tucker
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The question wasn’t if P.J. Tucker and Dennis Schroder would get fined for their run-in in Game 5, the question was how much?

The answer: $25,000. Each.

The league announced the fines on Sunday. Oklahoma City’s Schroder was fined for “making contact to the groin area” of Tucker, while Houston’s Tucker was fined for “approaching Schroder and making contact with him in escalation of the altercation.”

The play happened midway through the third quarter of Game 5. Schroder was guarding James Harden, who dribbled left around a Tucker screen that Schroder got hung up on. Watch the replay, however, and you can see Schroder gives Tucker and shot to the groin.

Schroder gets called for the foul, and in a moment of hubris turns to the referee to complain about the call. That’s when Tucker comes up behind Schroder, can’t quickly get his attention, then headbutts Schroder.

Both men got ejected. Now both men will be writing a check to the league, but will be available for Game 6 on Monday.