Clippers’ Marcus Morris ejected for hard foul on Luka Doncic

Marcus Morris fined
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Maybe Marcus Morris stepping on the heel of Luka Doncic wasn’t an accident after all.

Morris has been in Doncic’s face all series, but in the first half of Game 6 Sunday Morris was ejected for a blow to the head of Doncic on a drive.

That was a clear Flagrant II and an easy call on ejection for Morris. Of course, Doc Rivers didn’t see it that way during the between-quarter interview on ESPN.

“I think he got ejected because he’s Marcus, to be honest. I thought he made a play on the ball and his arm followed through. It happens in every game.”

It does, and it was a hard foul — except for the blow to the head. That’s an automatic ejection all season long, the league has cracked down on this for a couple of seasons. The only argument for not ejecting Morris is the Paul Pierce “back in my day” crap about how the game used to be played. During the Jordan lovefest that was “The Last Dance,” did anyone notice the scores were 91-88 every game? It was ugly isolation basketball played in mud, and nobody wants to go back to those days except people who played/grew up then and repressed the memories of the bad stuff.

Doc Rivers’ big concern should be that Morris doesn’t get a suspension for the next game, whether that’s Game 7 of this series or Game 1 of the next one.

The other thing of note: Doncic wanted to go back at Morris and Boban Maranovich held him back. Doncic grew up playing the more physical European game, he can handle blows and has a streak that will stand up for himself. Dallas may want to get a veteran in the enforcer role for future years. You know, someone like Marcus Morris.