George Hill on NBA bubble: ‘We shouldn’t have came to this damn place’

Bucks guard George Hill
Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

Police shot a Black man in the back multiple times in Kenosha, Wisconsin, yesterday. Video of Jacob Blake – who’s in serious condition – getting shot has sparked protesting and rioting.

George Hill and the Milwaukee Bucks are playing in the NBA’s campus at Disney World.

Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today:

Hill is right: “This world has to change. Our police department has to change. Us as society has to change. Right now, we’re not seeing any of that. Lives are being taken as we speak day in and day out. There’s no consequence or accountability for it. That’s what has to change.”

But the racism that fuels many of these problems is deeply entrenched. It will take many years to fix all the issues.

Incidents like the one in Wisconsin yesterday weren’t suddenly going to end just because NBA players boycotted the league’s resumption. I haven’t seen a compelling case a boycott would have accelerated the process at all.

The only guarantee: A boycott would have cost NBA players significant money that they can use for whatever is important them.

It’s good that Hill cares about these issues. A lot of people do, and that will lead to meaningful change.

In the meantime, normal work – even a high-profile job like NBA player on a championship contender – often feels insignificant. Hill’s dissonance is totally understandable. It’s easy to wonder, what’s the point of playing basketball (or doing anything else beyond supporting the cause) at a time like this?

Unfortunately, even if Hill and his fellow NBA players weren’t playing basketball, it’d still be a time like this.