Former NBA player Gerald Wilkins arrested for allegedly punching rideshare driver

Gerald Wilkins arrested
Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Gerald Wilkins — who spent 13 seasons in the NBA, and in his prime was a vital part of the Patrick Ewing Knicks — was arrested at an Atlanta gas station for allegedly punching a rideshare driver and the man who came to break up the incident.

The incident happened on Aug. 18, and Wilkins faces three charges, including battery, according to TMZ Sports, which broke the story.

According to the police report (obtained by TMZ), Wilkins got in an argument with a rideshare driver because he did not order the ride properly through the app. The female driver would not let Wilkins get in the car, and he got angry enough to allegedly punch the woman in the shoulder, according to the report. Two men then jumped in to break it up and Wilkins allegedly punched one of them in the face.

It was Wilkins who called 9-1-1 claiming to be the victim, but after the police arrived and interviewed witnesses, they arrested Wilkins as the aggressor.

Wilkins, the younger brother of Hawks legend Dominique Wilkins, played 900 games in the NBA between New York, Cleveland, Vancouver, and Orlando. He has been out of the league since 1999.