Watch actual NBA draft lottery drawing (video)


The NBA draft lottery isn’t televised live.

The NBA draft lottery results announcement is televised live.

But the actual drawing of ping-pong balls? That happens behind the scenes beforehand.

Which has sparked uncountable conspiracy theories.*

*By people who ignore that the first lottery – which contains the most prevalent conspiracy theory about the Knicks’ frozen envelope – was televised.

Even NBA executives have suspicions about the fairness of the process.

The NBA counters by allowing each lottery team to have a representative in the drawing room. The league also promotes further transparency by inviting a few media members.

But the coronavirus presented obstacles. This year’s lottery was conducted virtually.

Zach Lowe of ESPN:

The NBA kicked around constructing some video wall in which representatives from each team could view (via Zoom) the drawing, but decided it was both unnecessary and cumbersome. A few team executives agitated for an in-person spot in the room, sources told ESPN. No dice.

I was the only media member in the drawing room. If this turns out to be one the NBA finally rigged, I will go down in infamy as having failed to detect the conspiracy.

The NBA, as usual, also posted video of the actual drawing:

That looked legitimate to me. Timberwolves then Warriors then Hornets then Bulls – just as the league announced last night.

I only wonder: How make takes did that video require?