Report: NBA could delay draft and free agency

Lakers star Anthony Davis and Pelicans star Brandon Ingram
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The NBA set an offseason schedule:

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN:

Next season will probably get delayed. There’s no rush in determining rosters.

Setting the salary cap and luxury-tax line will be a challenge.

Those figures are based on league-wide revenue, and revenue is especially difficult to predict amid the coronavirus pandemic. A vaccine could restore normalcy during next season. Or the crisis could continue throughout the league year.

The NBA must also audit this unusual season. Owners and players split revenue about 50-50, but players – even with increased salary withholding – might have gotten paid more than their share this season. That could mean players getting a smaller cut next season.

There are multiple options for handling the salary cap.

I see the temptation to gather more information before determining the best course – especially if waiting to play games, anyway.